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"If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, 

you will work until you die" - Warren Buffett 


"Let Us Help You Find The Millionaire

Within You!" - "the Colonel" 


Did you know that more than 60% of all Americans are living Paycheck-2-Paycheck!  And according to the latest research approximately 51% of those making 100K are now living Paycheck-2-Paycheck!  Isn't that crazy!  It is to me!  But it is also instructive!  What it means is that we all must learn new ways of earning more income!  Well, not all of us as some of us already have! 


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"the Colonel" & Randy

Carlton L. Dowdy, US Army, (Ret.) 

gospusa@gmail.com / 714-273-5223



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If COVID-19 and the extreme events over the last several years have taught us anything, we all need a 2nd and possibly even a 3rd stream of Income. So my question is this: Are you still willing to place all your eggs in just one basket! If your answer is yes, you may leave this site because we can't help you!


However, if you are open to something new, well, not so new but very different, you should definitely check out what thousands and thousands of people are now calling: 


"The Top Two (2) Best Business

Opportunities Of The 21St Century."





The Vollara Business Opportunity 

Vollara Business Training

Time: 5 PM Pacific / 8 PM EST

Zoom ID: 889 9068 6494

PW: Vollara 


The Legal Shield Business Opportunity


Legal & ID Theft Protection

When: Weekly, Every Tuesday 

Time: 7 PM Pacific / 10 PM EST

Zoom ID: 404 655 9036

PW: 123456 



Wednesday & Thursdays Are By Appointment Only!



The Vollara Business Opportunity! 


Learn About ActivePure Technology

And How We Make Money! 

Time: 2:30 PM Pacific / 5:30 PM EST

Zoom ID: 214 490 4904

NO PW Required!


Once you have attended this meeting, don't hesitate to contact me directly, and I will answer any questions you may have. Also, if you let me know beforehand that you will be attending, I will introduce you to the group! 


Based on past experience, most people will have questions after attending any one of these Zoom meetings. We understand this and have set aside time on Wednesdays and Thursdays (By Appointment Only) to answer those questions. 


In such cases, we can usually Zoom with you anytime between 8AM and 6PM. Zoom meetings are held at the agreed-upon time as follows:


Wednesday and Thursday of Each Week!

By Appoint Only! Time: To be determined! 

Zoom ID: 526 223 5826

PW: 654321  


OK!  Let me guess what you are thinking!  "But I don't have time to do this!"  Was I close!  Well, the truth of the matter is:  You don't have time to pass this offer up!  The US & the world's economy is passing you up!  And you spend much of your time teaching your students only a small portion of what they need to know!  How does that make you feel.  Well, "It's not your fault, right!!"  But it is, especially now!  Call me!  I will either piss you off or teach you how easy it is to change your financial future AND the fact that you are a teacher makes it all the easier!



If you attend any of these Zoom meetings and then call me and can answer three simple questions about the sessions, I will have one of my team members send you a FREE GIFT, valued at between $49 and $103, and we will pay all taxes and shipping charges. Hurry, this program is subject to change without notice! Claim Your Free Gift & More!  


Additional Services Offered: 

RANDYJDOWDY.COM AKA THESNEAKERTEMPLE.COM - I have whatever you want in the sneaker world or can find. If I need to get what you are looking for, do not worry, I have suppliers worldwide, including in China. I can find what you are looking for, I promise!  


Adaptive Behavior Consultant - adaptivebxc.com - Providing innovative solutions and professional care and serving Young Adults across the spectrum.


"That Which You Love Will Reveal Itself To You" 

- Dr. George Washington Carver


To improve your financial situation, you must:


#1. Change your money mindset.


#2. Know exactly where your money comes from and where it goes each week and month, and as soon as you understand this, your financial situation will began to improve.


#3. Increase your Income (This is where we can help).


So what's my point! 


"Whatever you look at closely, the better you will  

understand how it works and the easier it will  

 be to get it to work for you it will

become!" - "the Colonel!" 


Hope to hear from you soon. Your FREE GIFT is waiting! 




"the Colonel" & Randy

Carlton L. Dowdy, US Army, (Ret.) 

Dowdy Financial Incorporated 

Financial Ed & Homebase Business Startup Consultants

gospusa@gmail.com / 714-273-5223 



PS: There is one other business that I could have easily added to this list, but I did not want to overwhelm you.